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I have been good this year, good to others, yet I haven't returned the favor to my writer-self. Can you help me?
I want only five things this year:

1. TIME: I'm every woman... Isn't that a song? I'm a teacher, mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, and I'm also a writer. Unfortunately, I tend to put the needs of others before my own. What about a special block of writing time? I had one once... It doesn't need to be gift wrapped.

2. SPEED: Before I was published I wrote in a happily manic bubble, pleased with whatever appeared on the paper, and equally pleased to revise. Now that the world is watching I've become self-conscious and frozen. Okay, that's slightly overstated, but you get the picture. Actually, that was really melodramatic... But I DO have a need for speed, though. I want to bust through the over-thinking.

3. COURAGE: On that same idea, please leave me some courage. Courage will help me to slay the devilish editors nibbling at my creativity, and to take back my time where I need it.

4. ENDURANCE: Once I get going things are often as they should be; the story flows, the character takes over, one idea births another, the world is right. Problems arise when fatigue sets in and overuse injuries appear out of nowhere. I don't remember this with the last book. Santa, please leave me a magic formula.

5. BALANCE: None of the previous gifts will work if I don't learn how to balance everything. A gift of balance would be the best gift of all!
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