thefiverandoms (thefiverandoms) wrote,

I'm My Own Solution and My Own Problem

So it's January 11, and I'm already 11 days behind with my New Year's Resolutions. If I were 14 and didn't know how to find unique credible sources, I would go to to tell me what a resolution is. Once there, I would skim and find that it can mean an intention, a resolve, or as definition #8 more interestingly puts it, a solution.

So here are my five SOLUTIONS for 2010 (when it comes to writing, at least; my diet and fitness program are best discussed betwixt the angel and demon on my shoulders):

Problem 1: I may or may not have found the genre I want to write in.
Solution to Problem 1: Write. See if new genre is right for you. Complete manuscript in new genre, and revise, revise, and revise yet again. Revisit self-doubt on the completion of pretty new manuscript you would not have otherwise have written if you hadn't just done it.

Problem 2:
I want to complete two books this year, but childcare/publishing industry woes may work against me.
Solution to Problem 2: Write. Give self-imposed deadlines, and let Miss Agent know about self-imposed deadlines so that you humiliate yourself if you don't meet them. Listen to Miss Agent's thoughts about the industry. Don't stick head in sand hole, listening only to the sound of your own voice.

Problem 3: I wish I could write words that come out right the first time.
Solution to Problem 3: Embrace the mantra, "Don't we all."

Problem 4: I wish I would stop depending on eyes and smiles to show emotions. But they always crop up. Always.
Solution to Problem 4: Find and replace is a wonderful tool. Use it.

Problem 5: I can't believe people like Paris Hilton and Lauren Conrad are on the NYT bestsellers' list and I'm not.
Solution to Problem 5: Seek and find Jon Gosselin, and build BFF relationship. Hook a reality show deal based on the relationship. See if I can get Octomom to guest star. Wait until MTV picks up the show, then release my third book written by ghost writer.


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