thefiverandoms (thefiverandoms) wrote,

Robin's 2010 Writing Goals

These goals are simple because I need simple in my life right now.  Simply simple.

1.  WRITE DAILY:  I need to make writing a daily habit the same way I've finally made exercise a daily habit.  Only emergencies have gotten in the way of my BodyPump and kickboxing.  The plan is to write something, even if it's not work on the novel.

2.  READ DAILY:  I have been doing this, but I often get sucked into self-help books of which there is a never ending supply.  I need to go back to my stack of YA's.

3.  SET SMALL GOALS:  My critique group is handy for monthly writing goals, but we slacked over the holidays.  I'm saying it here and now:  I will write a chapter a month until my WIP is done.

4.  SUBMIT and SELL MY WIP:  I want to submit my WIP over the summer.  Summer is when I can breathe and think and plan.  

5.  NEW WIP:  Start work on a new/old story.  I have a couple of books fight for attention in my head.  I'll see which one wins.
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